I love searching for houses, touring houses, making a house YOUR home, and seeing the smiles of how buying and selling benefits each and every individual. If you are having second thoughts on having a mortgage payment please feel free to visit the "Properties" tab on the top and click "Mortgage Calculator", mess around with some numbers and find what feels most comfortable to you!

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I can assist you with a wide range of concerns, including anything from purchasing, selling, leasing, and renting homes, lots, offices, referring you to be pre-approved, and so much more. I am just a phone call or text away! (361) 944-4612

Alexis Acevedo


I am Alexis Acevedo and I am a Full-Time Real Estate Agent, I would love the opportunity to assist you in finding YOUR home or selling YOUR home as well as helping you have a better understanding on what it means to list or buy a home, I will be by your side and always available for you throughout the process at all times!

I Am Ready to Help


Let's talk about where we can start with your Buying or Selling Journey. Let's figure out what you need to work on to have you be pre-approved for a loan, if needed, and for how much you are pre approved for. Let's discuss your location, size, and all your preferences in a property. If you are looking to sell I would love to review properties near you to compare recently solds to see how much you can possibly sell your property for and of course the best part.. how much you'd profit! From your next home to investments and all the in betweens I would love to chat! (:

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